Registered Charity No 277374 (old) 1157262 (from Sept 2014)

Duxford Saturday Workshop

St. John's Street, Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4RA

Director: Arwen Gilbert
Tel: 01480 432956

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26/Jul/2014 - Updated GA, diary and reg forms, updated charity numbers

xx/xxx/xxxx - Several unrecorded updates to PDF files (diary, forms)

09/Jul/2013 - Updated diary for 2013-14

11/Jun/2013 - Updated pre-registration form for 2013-14, added Taster Day poster

14/Nov/2012 - Added Newsletter

17/Jun/2012 - Children's Theatre and taster day highlighted, removed tutor list

05/Jun/2012 - Updates for limited workshop and pre-registration form

05/Dec/2011 - Added newsletter

05/Sep/2011 - Updates for 2011-12

04/Aug/2010 - Updates for 2010-11

21/May/2009 - Updates for 2009-10

02/Sep/2008 - Updates for 2008-9, tidy up

10/Jun/2008 - Updated newsletters

16/Aug/2007 - Added registration page with standard registration form, tidy up

13/Jun/2007 - General tidy up, added recent newsletter and pre-registration form

27/Aug/2006 - 2006-7 diary added

22/Aug/2006 - New telephone number added

26/Jul/2006 - Admin contact deleted

01/May/2006 - Newsletter and details of Limited Workshop added

01/Mar/2006 - Newsletter added

03/Dec/2005 - Site counter added

01/Dec/2005 - New newsletter and Items for Sale section added

15/Sep/2005 - All information updated

13/Sep/2005 - Website bugs fixed

07/Sep/2005 - New diary uploaded

07/Sep/2005 - Website moved to Geocities

19/Aug/2004 - 2004-5 diary published

03/Oct/2003 - Added map link on the front page

01/Oct/2003 - Added AGM notice

30/Sep/2003 - Added pictures from Pirates of Penzance

29/Sep/2003 - Added October newsletter

15/Sep/2003 - Structural changes to top level menus

13/Sep/2003 - Website launched