Registered Charity No 277374 (old) 1157262 (from Sept 2014)

Duxford Saturday Workshop

St. John's Street, Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4RA

Director: Arwen Gilbert
Tel: 01480 432956

Registration Forms

There are two registration forms you can use:

If you are an existing member of Workshop and you wish to retain membership of the same ensemble(s) as for the previous year you can avoid the registration rush and pre-register using this form before the end of August.

If you do not fit into the previous category, you will have to come to the Workshop to register in September, see the Workshop Diary for the date this year. For your information, here is a copy of the registration form we will be using. It may save you some time on the day if you print it out and fill it in before you attend (one form per person). If you cannot make it to registration, it may be possible to register on subsequent Saturdays, but your choices will be limited by available resources. Please contact the Director if you need additional information.